Faery Ink Press


This is one of my sites - my publishing company! I publish and sell young adult fiction titles. I put a lot of hours into this particular redesign, creating a custom header, graphics, and revamping the default blog layout. This site is fully integrated with Woocommerce and is fully secured with SSL.

Hire Jonathan Ball


Hire Jonathan Ball - simple and to the point, like this site. While we experimented with pictures early on in development, we opted for single colours to highlight each section & service. This one-page set up that drives visitors to the contact form at the bottom is easy to maintain and ideal for the busy [...]

Rails & Tales


A simple site to advertise a special event in Calgary - Rails & Tales. Alberta Prairie Railway contracted a group of non-profits to run steam tours for the week surrounding Canada's 150th birthday, and thus Rails & Tales was born. This site has a custom header and random images on each page.