Web Design

I also have a variety of sites that I maintain and update, but did not design initially. Please contact me for further details!

In addition, I offer Canadian web hosting at reasonable prices.

Interior Book Design


Photomanipulation is something I do for fun! For the works above, you can find all images used and their appropriate credits here.

I charge an hourly rate for photomanipulation work. All images will be appropriately sourced for commercial artwork. I will use as many images as it takes to get the job done!

Book Cover Design

Book cover art is one thing. Properly pairing text to create a pleasing, readable cover is another! I look at current trends for your genre and emulate them so you have a cover that competes with the bestsellers.

Click on the book covers above to learn more about the projects!

Promotional Materials

Now you know what I can do – I’d like to know what you’re working on!

Contact me today and let me know how I can be part of your next project.

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