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Editing Services

 I am a hands-on editor. I will tell you exactly what I think, and I will demand a lot from you. Know that when I do a pass on your work, I am not criticizing you, I am working hard to make your story better.

Manuscript/Reader’s Report

One of my most popular services! A Reader’s Report with an expert opinion on where the manuscript should go and advice on how to get there. Reader’s Reports are typically three to twenty pages long (depending on the length of the manuscript) and offer a detailed critique of the structure, the content, and the flow. Our previous clients have found our manuscript critique to be extremely helpful and allow them to skip the substantive edit and proceed to the line edit once changes have been implemented. In this service, the manuscript itself is not marked up.

Cost: depends on word count. Minimum $400.

Substantive Editing

I go through your manuscript and help you edit character motivations, plot, and general inconsistencies. It may also include re-organizing chapters or scenes in a manuscript for better flow. This “big idea” edit is necessary before a structural or copy edit. Unlike the Reader’s Report, the manuscript is marked up with Track Changes in Microsoft Word.

Cost depends on word count, state of manuscript, and deadline.

Structural Editing (also called Line Editing)

I will work your manuscript on a sentence-by-sentence level to eliminate awkward phrasing and introduce clarity to the writing. This works best after character motivations and plot problems have been sorted out. This kind of edit usually involves rearranging sentences and paragraphs to best illustrate a scene or concept.

Cost depends on word count, state of manuscript, and deadline.

Copy Editing

Copy editing includes editing grammar, spelling and punctuation. I use the Chicago Manual of Style, which is, for the most part, the industry standard. Copy editing may also include finding permissions, fact-checking, and Canadianizing. Usually I pair this with the line edit.

Cost depends on word count, state of manuscript, and deadline.


Proofreading is done after a book is formatted, literally the reading of the proof. It involves checking for typesetting errors like widows and orphans, checking for rivers in the text, flagging locations for art to be inserted and catching any last errors that the previous edits have missed.

Proofreading is NOT copy editing, or any of the above editing types.

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