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Perfect for Creative Professionals
Canadian web hosting
No multi-year commitments to get the best deal


Get the site that works for YOU!

Canadian Creative Business Hosting Personalized For You


Use the free templates to build a basic, functioning space for your business–unless you want to hire me to make something custom.


Your site will be on SSD Raid-10 drives, allowing for fast and reliable loading times, and 99.9% uptime.


Automatic brute-force detection and real-time security scanning.


Stop paying in American dollars to host your site on a US server. Your site lives in Canada – and you pay in Canadian dollars.


Here’s Why My Hosting Is Pretty Great


Tell a friend about my hosting services – if they sign up, you receive one month FREE! Read terms & conditions for details.


I have no website building experience. Help?2017-08-05T05:38:19+00:00

I design, modify, and maintain WordPress sites for an hourly fee, and have done so since 2011. Please contact me if this interests you.

Otherwise, this Canadian web hosting space comes with a Site Builder that will get you started!

I’m American/British/Other Nationality, can I buy your Canadian web space?2017-01-29T03:04:11+00:00

Sure, if you want Canadian web hosting and want to pay Canadian dollars for it! Just remember, read the fine print: dot CA domains are regulated and have special rules that apply to the customer.

As this part of my business grows, I hope to offer server space within the States and the UK, and beyond.

So why can I have unlimited sites, email accounts, etc?2017-01-29T03:04:07+00:00

You can have as many sites and domains as you want, as long as you don’t go over your space limit. That’s your space: what you do with it is up to you, as long as it doesn’t violate the terms of service, and you don’t go outrageously over your limit. Email account space also contributes to your space limitations.

Basically: you can pile as many chairs as you want into your empty apartment, but sooner or later, you’re going to run out of space. Unless you have Time Lord technology. In which case, you need to contact me immediately! 🙂

But wait, I can get unlimited space and bandwidth from (insert company here)!2017-01-29T03:04:02+00:00

Well, actually you don’t. A server is just a computer, and computers don’t have a magical unlimited supply of space. Hosting companies can get away with advertising “unlimited” services because in a lot of cases, you don’t use a lot of what you’re given, so they can cram a lot of accounts onto one tiny space.

Just think of it this way – would you rather live in a cramped bachelor apartment where the walls could move in on you at any moment just so the landlord can squeeze an extra unit out of the building? Or would you rather live in a regulated building, in an apartment that suits your needs as a creative professional?

Why shouldn’t I choose free hosting (Blogspot/, etc)?2017-01-29T03:03:56+00:00

Free hosting is only useful to a certain point (very strict limits on space), and it’s also not as professional as having your own domain name and web space. Yes, you can set up domains for a fee on and Blogspot, but if you find your website growing along with your professional activities, upgrading to a bigger playground will give you more freedom in design and space.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans To Suit Every Website Need



(paid as $60/year + tax)
2 GB space
20GB bandwidth
Unlimited sites hosted
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
99.9% uptime


Small Business


(paid as $108/year + tax)
5 GB space
35 GB bandwidth
Unlimited sites hosted
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
99.9% uptime




(paid as $192/year + tax)
15 GB space
60 GB bandwidth
Unlimited sites hosted
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
99.9% uptime