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Since 2010 (2011 professionally) I’ve been managing WordPress websites for companies and individuals in Canada and the United States:




Website management includes updating a site with new information, adding functionality, troubleshooting problems, and pretty much anything to do with the website that you either don’t know how to do, or don’t have time to do. I work exclusively with WordPress as a platform–did you know it powers almost 20% of the internet? If you need a new website, or your site transferred from one server to another, I can do that too.

I charge an hourly rate for my management services. Please contact me and describe yourself or your company and I’d be happy to help.

Canadian Website Hosting

This is a new service I am offering to select clients and peers. I will be offering a consistent price on hosting at various levels of need: no multi-year commitments to get the best deal. If you are an author, an artist, or a small business that desires website hosting, please contact me.