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Getting Your Writing Done: Make a To-Do List

Happy New Year!

Now’s the time of year when writers everywhere are promising themselves they’ll get around to finishing that novel, to querying that publisher, or to writing that blog post. I know I’m one of them!

Here’s a simple but effective way to make a to-do list that you are sure to complete.

1) Take a piece of paper and make three columns. Label them: A, B and C.

2) In the A column, list three important, immediate things that need to get done.

3) In the B column, list three things that still need to be done, but aren’t as urgent as the tasks in Column A.

4) In the C column, list three things that would be great to get done, but aren’t a priority for today.

Here’s an example:

Write Chapter 7
Outline Chapter 8
Rewrite prologue
Write Chapter 8
Research for Chapter 10
Write query letter
Make a list of potential publishers
Outline sequel
Write Chapter 9

You may want to include two large tasks and one smaller in Column A. This way, if you do the smallest task first and check it off, you will feel like you’ve accomplished something and feel more inclined to get going on the next thing that needs to be done.

Then, the next day, re-do the to-do list. Maybe you have finished everything in Column A, and now everything in Column B has become a priority.

And, of course…

5) Get to work! Don’t forget to check off things you’ve completed.

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