10 Story Starters for Writers

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10 Story Starters for Writers

Stuck for ideas? Looking for a new, creative way to get those juices flowing? Use these ten phrases as jumping-off points to start your story.

  1. Mike didn’t know it yet, but…
  2. The phone wouldn’t stop ringing, and he was afraid to pick it up.
  3. While Cecelia was racing down the hallway to class, she…
  4. “Only three days left, man. Whatcha gonna do?”
  5. Sometimes, Joe thought about…
  6. The gun hit the hardwood floor with a sickening crack.
  7. Natasha was the best in her field, and she wasn’t going to let _________ get in the way of her success.
  8. “If I win,” Seth began, “will you please leave me alone?”
  9. Blood ran down his arm; he hoped that no one would notice.
  10. She was going to jump.

So? Get cracking!

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