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Hell Transporter Cover Reveal

Posted on Nov 30 by

I bet you’re all wondering what we’ve been up to these past couple of months. We’ve actually been quite busy doing a lot of work for Bryler Publications in Nova...


Your Ideal Reader

Posted on Jun 20 by

We all write for someone, whether we know it or not. Journalists often choose or fabricate a very specific person when writing articles for a paper. The details of this person...


Interview with Apryl Skies

Posted on Jun 15 by

This week we are joined by Apryl Skies. Her book, Skye the Troll and Other Fairy Tales for Children, was based on a clay animation cartoon series she created and produced called...


Interview with Alain Miles

Posted on Jun 8 by

On this week’s episode of Self-Publishing Success, we have Alain Miles. Alain is the author of The Lebanese Troubles, a literary novel with elements of romance set in the...


Interview with Cyndi Tefft

Posted on Jun 1 by

Cyndi Tefft was one of our clients a few months back, and David created the cover for her novel Between, which was released today. She has over 180 bloggers participating in her...


Character Chart Links

Posted on May 28 by

So the past few posts on Writer’s Corner have been about character development, and I thought I’d keep on the same trend and talk about character charts. I have used character...